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TONIx® - The world is flat

TONIx® offers a universal, innovative solution to the complex spectrum of data exchange in the wide field of the IPR-Business.

TONIx reduces integration costs and latency and improves processing accuracy and timeliness:BigPictureSmallSmalll

  • One single converter-configuration connects you to all of your business partners within a couple of days and saves you thousands of euros or dollars a year.

  • Highly increased automatic data processing and content quality.

  • Additional value adding services such as automatic entity-matching which render human intervention obsolete and multiply throughput.

  • By its very nature, TONIx® is a comprehensive support to the EDItEUR ONIX Metadata Initiative, but TONIx is much more, because TONIx fully integrates the user's arbitrary system and data format in a single platform.


TONIx® is a Community trade mark (CTM) of

Berlinger System Engineering GmbH